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As the proud owner of 3z=c2, I am thrilled to lead a team that values family, quality, and dedication in every project we undertake. Our journey began with a passion for providing top-notch services and a commitment to working alongside our loved ones. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to delivering the best results, we aim to exceed expectations and create lasting partnerships with our clients. Welcome to 3z=c2 - we look forward to working with you.

A little background...

My name is John J. Szwedkowicz and I am the owner of 3z=c2. Since I was young, building and understanding how things work has fascinated me. I live by the thinking that time and resources are valuable and should not be wasted. Excellence and perfection should be the goal. Why not raise the bar to challenge and critique oneself and those around you to do better and find satisfaction in excellence? At the same time why not learn humility in recognizing where we can do better and what we can learn? I grew up in a household where self sufficiency was important. Although we were poor in an economic sense, my family was quite rich in some very important ways. My father and mother were both extremely resourceful people. In our household we had no problem consulting with others outside of our family for help and guidance to learn how to do something or collaborate. For me the objective was to learn how to do the project or task so you could do it on your own the next time and add another skill to your own ability.

My dad is a kind, honest, diligent, and mechanically inclined person. These characteristics allowed him to always find a way to support and care for our family of five. My mom was a creative, lively person, and very talented in the kitchen, and in taking an interest in the needs of others. I have many fond memories of working on projects with my dad, and passing many hours in the kitchen with my mom or eating amazing food with family and friends. Before even attending high school where I took welding and wood shop classes, I was familiar with many construction skills. I started working at 14 years of age, bouncing around into a lot of different jobs.


After getting married to my sweetheart in 1996, we  moved to Los Angeles, California. Soon after we moved to my mom and dad's old stomping grounds in Pell Lake, Wisconsin. There a very good friend, Archie MacDonald (, landed me a job working in a very special place called Krumpen Woodworks Inc., Genoa City, Wisconsin around the year 2000. That job opened my eyes to a whole new realm of building, design, craftsmanship, and art that had a huge impact on me. I learned how to run machinery to mill wood, how to build custom windows and doors and so much more. Ultimately, that opportunity led to me wanting to run my own business, and set my own standard in craftmanship. We moved around a few times more, and then in December of 2013 my family and I moved to Billings, Montana.


After a brief stint trying to make it as an employee, I started selling my wares so to speak and began to establish my reputation in the trades with residential remodeling and contract work here in Billings, Montana. With a background in home building, metal fabrication, fire and water damage restoration, and high-end custom wood work, I offer a unique and valuable perspective on quality and craftsmanship when it comes to fulfilling our contract work.

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